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  • Hebbuli


    Hebbuli stars Sudeep in the role of a paramilitary commando and is a story about the life of a military man. An action blockbuster!!


    Amala Paul

    Arjun Janya

    S. Krishna



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    • 2.8

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San Bruno, United States

3 replies



kannada movies seem to be getting worse by the day


Ashland, United States

0 replies



I think you have not watched Shuddi, OMK, Rajakumara, Chowka, Mufti, Tagaru!!


Wheeling, United States

0 replies



i don't think the movie is worth a bad comment , n stp generalize the whole kannada industry ,no one here 'z ready for ur negative comments. Thanks


raj k.

Bondi, Australia

0 replies



I totally agree with this comment. Lately standard of kannada movies have gone down. Double meaning dialogues, cheap comedies, remake of flop movies from other languages, remake of successful movies converted into a kannada flop by extra effort, hero worship song sequences based on the heroes' original identity, you wonder if you're watching a movie or a documentary of some hero, heroines from don't know where who do not suit to the storyline and situations at all etc. There are great movies now and then, but generally, it has gone down - no doubt. Hope kannada industry looks into it.


Ashwatha M.

Perth Amboy, United States

0 replies



It was a decent movie. Not bad at all...


Lucan, Ireland

0 replies



Worst movie don't waste your time


monica g.

Plano, United States

0 replies



crap. can't go past the first 10 mins


Pankaj C.

Santa Clara, United States

0 replies



Decent movie! one time watch :)

Thanks for rating!

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