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  • Guna 369



    A happy-go-lucky guy falls in love at first sight.

    Kartikeya Gummakonda

    Anagha LK

    Chaitan Bharadwaj

    Arjun Jandyala



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    • 4.2

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Frisco, United States

0 replies



nice story line and awesome performance by Kartikeya


Reading, United Kingdom

0 replies



Nice story line. weak narration and screenplay. Outstanding performance by Karthikeya.


shobha S.

United States

0 replies



Just because a girl got raped she should not die and able to fight back. Reveal to her boy friend truth and should have taken revenge along with him. By fluke Guna came to know otherwise it would gone unnoticed.


Singapore, Singapore

0 replies



Sorry but i think this story line is horrible and disgusting. Gang raping women, videoing it and then blackmailing the women is not what people should be calling a good story. Its shitty and disgusting. What the hell are people thinking nowadays. Only by chance the same gang killed a person too, that is the only reason they got caught. And how can shitty topics like this be entertaining and a nice story ?

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