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  • Cold Case




    Medha Padmaja, a journalist and single mother, moves into a new home with her little daughter, where she experiences paranormal activities.

    Prithviraj Sukumaran

    Aditi Balan

    Anil Nedumangad

    Prakash Alex

    Tanu Balak



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New Brunswick, United States

0 replies



Very nice movie. Great acting. Worth watch


Toronto, Canada

0 replies



Great Movie ,can't wait if there is a second part of this movie.


Melbourne, Australia

0 replies



Isn't it a Mayalayan’s movie of the identical movie-title? I follow Prithiviraj while he was a student in Tasmania. And I do come across him while I was a academic lecturer at Monash. He is humble and honest in his persona. I do like watching his movies.


Los Angeles, United States

0 replies



The child's voice is weird


Braunschweig, Germany

0 replies



Nice move to watch it

Thanks for rating!

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