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  • Mouname Ishtam



    Varun is an ad filmmaker who falls for Maya, an IT employee, and become good friends. That friendship gradually turns into love.But she has a problem to propose to Love. Why can't Varun and Maya propose love to each other?

    Ram Karthik

    Parvathy Arun


    Abhay Bethiganti

    Vivek Mahadeva

    Ashok Koralath



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Mani N.

Bolton, United Kingdom

0 replies



Nice movie👍


Wildomar, United States

0 replies



Why? This is an example of having funds and time and misusing both to make a movie. But they are missing the most important part of a movie, the plot, so they created a "problem" that dragged thru the entire 2 hours plus and then resolved it in less than 60 seconds with a patch up of the group describing their solution. A fail. The female lead is one of the most obnoxious and dislikeable characters I have seen in a film.


Desert Hot Springs, United States

0 replies



Mary Y's comment is funny. It is actually well stated. This movie did drag on. I think she was to harsh on evaluating the female lead. She, Parvathi Arun, was ok. I enjoyed the movie, but Mary's correct that the movie having a weak plot.

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