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  • Paramathma



    Param`s father is a retired cardiologist who is helping children. Param takes up many jobs including that of a Kung Fu expert but finds little peace. He joins college where he has a group of friends who enjoy being unsuccessful in exams.

    Puneeth Rajkumar

    Deepa Sannidhi

    Aindrita Ray

    Anant Nag

    Yogaraj Bhat

    V. Harikrishna

    Rangayana Raghu

    Jayana Bhogendra



    • 2.9

    • 3.8

    • 4.3

    • 4.0

    • 4.2

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San Jose, United States

0 replies



Such an awesome movie.. Still awestruck by the storyline and performance. A must watch


Saginaw, United States

0 replies



Must watch!! Movie done with a good taste!

Thanks for rating!

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