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  • Trishul



    An engineer visiting a town has a brief affair with a local girl and walks off, leaving her with a child. The son grows up to avenge his deserted mother. Vijay (Bachchan) is the angry young man playing the son. Sanjeev Kumar plays the father.

    Amitabh Bachchan

    Shashi Kapoor

    Raakhee Gulzar

    Hema Malini

    Sanjeev Kumar

    Poonam Dhillon


    Waheeda Rehman

    Prem Chopra


    Gita Siddharth

    Manmohan Krishna

    Mohan Sherry

    Manik Irani

    yash Chopra


    Gulshan Rai



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Meh S.

Quezon City, Philippines

0 replies



Good movie, however the aspect ratio is not proper for this RIP, please correct it. Specially when going full screen


Lake Stevens, United States

0 replies



Superb acting by Sanjeev Kumar! Great story!


Port Colborne, Canada

0 replies



Great Movie, what a classic, they don't make Movies like this anymore, these Actors are irreplaceable.


Mussarat B.

Bradford, United Kingdom

0 replies



A must watch amitabh classic movie xxxx



0 replies



Любимый с детства фильм! Невероятное по накалу эмоций противостояние отца и сына.... Как же хороши Амитабх Баччан и Санджив Кумар!!! Особенно в диалогах и в вопросах бизнеса.... Дай бог Амитабху здоровья и долгих лет. This film has been my favourite since childhood. Recommend to everyone! Incredibly powerful acting of both Amitabh Bachchan and Sandjeev Kumar. May God bless Amit ji with good health and long life.


Ojai, United States

0 replies



Great evergreen movie. Great acting by each and every one especially Amitabh Bacchan and Sanjeev Kumar


Oslo, Norway

0 replies



Love this movie. Have seen it many many times. Fantastic dialogs and greate actors. Love the songs. Dont make movies like this anymore.


Auckland, New Zealand

0 replies



One of the great movies to be seen again...with performances by everybody at a level unparalleled. Sanjeev is at one of his best performances, with fabulous outcomes from the rest. Sanjeev is the only versatile actor besides Waheeda and Rakhee, who has aced this in the film industry. He just cannot go wrong in his acting and this movie is worth seeing mainly because of his performance.


Ayesha A.

Sewell, United States

0 replies



Absolutely amazing movie. Such a classic! Beautiful songs that match with the story and have meaning unlike today's songs.


Houston, United States

0 replies



Amitabh is literally the best actor ever.

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