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  • Bettada Jeeva


    The story is centered around a revolutionary youth Shivaramu, who is moved by the hospitality of the Brahmin couple, namely Gopalaiah and Shankari. Shivaramu wins the heart and trust of the couple.The couple, though, have a worry!!!

    Suchendra Prasad

    H. G. Dattatreya

    Rameshwari Varma

    P. Sheshadri

    V. Manohar

    Amrutha Patil



    Not enough ratings.

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United States

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Wow! What a movie...!!! Just amazing! A complete visual treat! The movie has been made with so much TLC to bring the essence of Sri. Karanth's literary work forth. Director P. Sheshadri is one of the finest directors in the world and it's a pleasure to watch each of his creations!! Wonderful acting by everyone especially Dattanna!! The last dialogue left a haunting feeling in my heart given that I am (like most youngsters these days) are away from our beloved parents......


Taka M.

Chiba, Japan

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