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  • Kana Kanmani


    Roy is a successful architect married to Maya with a daughter named Anakha. Roy decides to take his family on a vacation to Singapore, but Anu insists that they first go to Roy's old home. But upon arriving at the old house, Anu starts behaving strangely.



    Baby Nivedita

    Biju Menon

    Akku Akbar

    Shyam Dharman

    Neeta Anto

    Suraj Venjaramood



    Not enough ratings.

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Newark, United States

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good message, but at the end it was little too over dramatized. Overall good movie.


United Kingdom

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Well said. Everyone needs to understand the important of child.


Brisbane, Australia

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hi einthusan, can you please reduce the amount of ads displayed? this is significantly slowing down the website making it impossible to watch a movie. this has happened with every single movie i've tried. the "loading advertisement" message comes up and takes at least 20 minutes and then the movie eventually starts playing. however within a minute it gets stuck and never loads again, so i have to refresh the page and go through this painful process again. quality over quantity!!! Please fix this asap! please take this as constructive criticism. i do not mean to be ruthless... only honest.

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