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  • Baak




    After his sister's suspicious death, a man embarks on a relentless quest to uncover the hidden truth. His investigation plunges him into a dangerous world of chaos and terror, where every revelation brings him closer to a shocking and deadly conspiracy.

    Sundar C.


    Raashi Khanna

    Srinivasa Reddy

    Vennela Kishore

    Hiphop Tamizha

    Sundar C



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    • 3.2

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Dallas, United States

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How is this movie ?


Nashua, United States

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Don't waste your leisure time viewing this dumb movie. A noise-filled, graphic-heavy movie lacks a plot and performers. It's possible that the purpose of this film was to demonstrate a loss account to the income tax department, this movie is a crap, crap, and more garbage. In this film, Sundar C and Kovai Sarala are two old actors with no acting talent.


Srav B.

North East, United States

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Except for tiny comedy and kovai sarala’s acting nothing else to watch, waste of time

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