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  • Laththi




    A police constable gets trapped in a building with his 10-year-old kid, and how they escape from the building surrounded by a group of enemies.




    Yuvan Shankar Raja



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Melbourne, Australia

0 replies



Superb movie. First Comment from Sri Lanka..


Vignesh S.

Newtown, United States

0 replies



1st half good, 2nd half not good.. only fight and location shot is same place the entire time.. got bored..


Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France

0 replies



What a wonderful action Movie . This kinda movie saves Polices asses . couldnt move my eyes till the ending. surely Bollywood has got full of shits , Bollywood should take classes from south indian film industry.


Dallas, United States

0 replies



seriously vishal... what a crap movie


Boca Raton, United States

0 replies



Heavy action movie with blood and gore. But the story is 20 years old. Many scenes are intellectually old. 1. Police doesn't let endangered women leave alone past midnight. 2. A simple DNA test could have avoided 3rd degree and suspension. 3. Blindfolded 3rd degree by hero was poorly handled as per today's police intelligence, and so on. The story needed modern touch that was lacking. It is painful to watch as scenes seems to be outdated/grandpa generation.

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