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  • T. D. Dasan Std. VI B



    The film deals with a child's desire to see his father, and the beginning is made when he gets a clue from a piece of paper he finds in his mother's trunk.It was screened at various international film festivals and has garnered several awards.

    Master Alexander

    Tina Rose

    Biju Menon


    Swetha Menon

    Valsala Menon

    Shruthy Menon

    Mohan Raghavan

    Sreevalsan J. Menon

    Paul Vadukumcherry



    • 3.1

    • 3.2

    • 2.6

    • 5.0

    • 4.8

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Seattle, United States

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Excellent movie. Fantastic story line and nice performance by the actors. Simple story depicting human empathy.

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