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  • Stand Up Rahul



    A feel-good romance comedy about a reluctant startup employee who doesn't stand up for anything in life, finally finding true love and learning to stand up for his parents, for his love and for his passion for stand-up comedy

    Varsha Bollamma


    Vennela Kishore

    Murli Sharma

    Raj Tarun



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Cumming, United States

0 replies



Awesome movie but mostly a love story but the action was really good character are meant for this movie awesome movie good job!


Glasul N.

Galati, Romania

0 replies



I love the cast! But the message is a little concerning if you know what happens after a long time - it starts with "little" things like such type of relationships as between the protagonists, only to end up with the type of dysfunctional families that the parents had. I can tell you - you do NOT want to copy the west!! If you want progress, then look at discipline, respect for deadlines and for the given word, promotion of competent people no matter their background etc. etc. Giving up on marriage may seem to solve some problems in India, but in reality it will only create new ones over time


Suren x.

College Park, United States

0 replies



It is a silly movie with few annoying characters, who add no value to the story. Not worth the time.


Naperville, United States

0 replies



Decent movie


Fremont, United States

0 replies




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