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  • The Burning Train



    A story that begins in the hearts of childhood friends and lasts to adult years where humiliation and rejection can lead to revenge. This plot revolves around a train, the Super Express, that catches fire and might bring death to many on it's first journey.


    Parveen Babi

    Danny Dengzongpa


    Vinod Khanna

    Hema Malini

    Neetu Singh

    Ravi Chopra

    R. D. Burman

    B. R. Chopra



    • 4.8

    • 3.6

    • 4.2

    • 5.0

    • 5.0

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Kim R.

Dallas, United States

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Very long movie, but it has everything you could want--love story, hatred, envy, anger, revenge, teamwork,inspiration, and a testament to the spirit of humans & their faith in God.

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